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TRON SYNERGY the very first two in one Tron smart contract, Matrix Platform & Dividends Platform. Tron Synergy was created for the People. It does not have or require an owner or an admin. It is a self-operating system located on the blockchain, that cannot be changed or altered.

Is There Any Safe Investment Sites?

There are many ways to get a better investment return, and in many cases the safety of your money is not sacrificed. Before making any investment on any site, try to read the reviews first. There are many trusted and paying sites on online.



Make Sure You Have 4-5 TRX On Your Wallet Always.
Minimum Deposit: 100 TRON (TRX)
Minimum Withdrawal: 1 TRON (TRX)
Payment Method: TRON (TRX) [because it's a TRX smart contract]
MATRIX Smart-contract address: TTc8c3EVhvg8rRbfvKVjDcovwX5SjVvYmj
DIVIDENDS Smart-contract address: TNmKwBDfT8Ezbr4oYMBmbvrNFSuLkjh9xg


TRON SYNERGY platform smart-contract is published on TRX blockchain. Nobody can change its rules or algorithms, even administration. This provides its participants with unconditional confidence in the safety of their funds. Anyone can check the smart-contract code and be sure that the TRON SYNERGY platform is honest.

TRON SYNERGY is risk-free! There is no company, no admin, it is a self-operating system located on the blockchain that cannot be changed or destroyed. You can feel safe knowing that Tron Synergy will not go away.

HOW TO MAKE A DEPOSIT → Connect your browser with your TronLink browser extension or Tron Wallet mobile app. After connection, you will get the opportunity to make a deposit (reload this page). Contact their support team if you can't connect. They are working only with personal wallets. Funds will be lost if you send funds from the exchanger wallets.

PATMENT METHOD → The accepted payment method on their platform TRON (TRX). Deposits are credited immediately to your account after completing the transaction via using the tronLink browser extension or Tron Wallet mobile app. It is easier to find an exchange service to fund or buy TRON (TRX).

MATRIX PLATFORM → 50% direct profits - When someone joined the Matrix using your ID, you will receive an instant direct profit of 50%. 50% indirect profits - When someone joined the Matrix using your upline ID / downline ID, you will receive an instant overflow/downflow profit of 50%. You have 12 positions available in your Matrix, the 10 payments go directly to your personal wallet, while 2 payment is used for your reinvestment. When your direct partner completes their own personal matrix, they will automatically reinvest, this will open a new position with you in your new Matrix & you will receive 50%, again and again, every time your direct partners reinvested. Upgrade notification showing when you have completed the cycle at that level for the first time. You need to buy the next level or else Lost Profits. Lost profits if you did not upgrade, you need to buy the next level or the current level will lock and you will lose all payments from that level.

DIVIDENDS PLATFORM → The smart contract checks its current balance for every 100,000 TRX in the balance it will charge you an additional +0.01% ROI. The more funds on the contract, the higher bonus you receive. Every 24 hours the contract of Matrix Platform will transfer all the transaction 50% profits & 4% fee to Dividends Smart Contract Funds - with this function, it supports the Dividends Smart Contract Balance to stay above level. Hold Bonus - the smart contract calculates the holding bonus based on the date of your last withdrawal of funds. If you did not request a withdrawal, you will receive an additional +0.15% ROI every 12 hours. You can withdraw it once every 12 hours, but a 30% cut for the auto-reinvest to support the contract balance funds to run in long-term and also support to grow your investments. 50,000 TRX Maximum withdrawal every 12 hours, with this limit, support the funds to prevent massive withdrawals. The Top 10 Referrals & Investors will receive additional bonuses of +0.5% up to +2.0% ROI. Also, the Top 3 Referrals & Investors will get a FREE TRX from +GLOBAL DEPOSIT BONUS -every deposit of all members including your own deposit. When the project balance goes down, the contract automatic lock 30.2% of the project balance, and only those who have received less than 50% of their investment, can withdraw.

INVESTMENT PLAN → They developed a unique Platform. Each of them possesses its own advantages. By investing your account will be activated, and you can get earnings every moment on your personal wallet balance. 2% daily profit until reach 200% ROI. Choose the most suitable for your option according to proper investment terms and conditions.

DEPOSIT DETAILS → Your deposit is working on an ongoing basis and makes a profit every second. Your deposit is for life and irretrievable. This proposal would be interesting not only for beginners of cryptocurrency operations but also for experienced online investors. The minimum investment amount is only 100 TRON (TRX).

INSTANT WITHDRAW → Profit is generated every second and you can easily check, the first accrual will be the next second after your deposit completed in the Dividends Platform. The minimum withdrawal amount is not fixed. You can withdraw any amount at any time. There is no withdrawal fee. All your wallet deposits and referral earnings will be withdrawn with a single transaction per 1 request. Your payout will come instantly. You can withdraw it once every 12 hours.

INVESTMENT PROTECTION → Smart-contract technology ensures the full safety of all participant's funds. Nobody can steal funds, or change contract functions. They are an officially registered company with a team of trusted professionals on the blockchain market. They are working 24/7 to increase platform popularity and make it truly worldwide.

EXTRA INCOME → They offer a flexible affiliate program to their customers. This is a great way to make extra money. You can invite people to their smart contracts and promote their site using banners, text ads, social networks, messengers, and any other legitimate ways. They offer 2.5% - 2.5% - 2.5% - 2.5% - 2.5% - 2.5% referral commissions to all. Referral rewards come instantly on your wallet balance and can be withdrawn at any time along with earnings.

24/7 SUPPORT TEAM → Their round-the-clock E-mail support team will respond to you fast at any time, any day. Even on weekends and holidays! For technical support or any advice at all, simply send an email.



Telegram Group [EN]: @tronsynergy_en

Telegram Group [CH]: @tronsynergy_cn

Telegram Group [IR]: @tronsynergy_ir

Telegram Group [VN]: @tronsynergy_vn

Telegram Group [IN]: @tronsynergy_in

Telegram Group [RU]: @tronsynergy_ru

Telegram Group [PH]: @tronsynergy_ph

Telegram Group [ES]: @tronsynergy_es

Telegram Channel: @tronsynergy

Telegram Support: @tronsynergysupport

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