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Solenix is a kind of central processor that controls the distribution of energy received by alternative power plants around the world. They take away the surplus of electricity where the network is overloaded and redirect them to the zones of its lack. Their system processes and redirects up to 2 million Gw of electricity per hour.

Is There Any Safe Investment Sites?

There are many ways to get a better investment return, and in many cases the safety of your money is not sacrificed. Before making any investment on any site, try to read the reviews first. There are many trusted and paying sites on online.


Basic Information

Company Number: 12144568
Minimum Deposit: $5 for Perfect Money, Payeer or 0.005 BTC or 0.100 LTC or 0.03 ETH
Minimum Withdrawal: $0.10 for Perfect Money, Payeer or 0.001 BTC or 0.01 LTC or 0.005 ETH
Payment Method: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum


Solenix is a project that solves the global problem of alternative energy redistribution. They take away the surplus of electricity where the network is overloaded and redirect it to the zones of its lack. They also invest in the development of new generations of solar, wind and water power plants, as well as in promising startups offering new technological solutions for the generation, accumulation and maintaining of alternative energy.

The Solenix project manages not only smart redistribution of alternative energy in the network of its customers, but does it in such a way as to constantly refill its own energy storage facilities and perform electricity trading.

Patment System → Investing is made easy in Solenix project because you can use any of the following online payment processors: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum. It is easier to find an exchange service to fund or buy your online currency when you have more than one option.

Minimum Deposit → Your deposit is working on an ongoing basis, and makes profit everyday with the ability to withdraw profit. This proposal would be interesting not only for beginners of cryptocurrency operation, but also for experienced online investors. The minimum investment amount is only $5 for Perfect Money, Payeer or 0.005 BTC or 0.100 LTC or 0.03 ETH. Your account will be updated immediately as you deposit via Perfect Money, Payeer. For Bitcoin deposits you should wait some time for confirmations from Blockchain network.

Investment Plans → Investment plan of Solenix project are stable and reliable. As soon as you introduce money in the investment process of their company by making a deposit, your money start working, bringing you a steady income everyday. At SOLENIX they have one dynamic investment package that will give you from 3.5% to 7% of profit per day (hourly accruals).

Instant Withdraws → Profits are gathered on your account balance and you can withdraw them anytime. The minimum withdrawal amount is $0.10 for Perfect Money, Payeer or 0.001 BTC or 0.01 LTC or 0.005 ETH. There is no maximum restriction. The system works in automatic mode, which means that you get paid immediately after creating your request.

DDoS Protection → Even if anything happens to other investment sites you know of, Solenix project can never be tampered with. Their licensed software, strong DDOS protection and dedicated server have all been put in place to ensure the maximum safety your account (and money) needs.

Referral Program → The referral offers from the Solenix project is characterized by the democratic nature, accessibility and simplicity of the conditions for participation and organically transformed in the form of the Affiliate program, which is divided into the Social Activity Program. They offer 5% referral commissions.

Support Team → Their round-the-clock E-mail support team will respond to you fast at any time, any day. Even on weekends and holidays! For technical support or any advice at all, simply send an email to support if the FAQ doesn’t address your case. Their support are always ready to solve any issue.

Contact INFO

Address: 21 Barlby Road North Kensington, London, United Kingdom, W10 6AW


Phone: +445603872926

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