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Maxvest is an online investment platform, built using the power of decentralised currency paired with automated margin & leverage trading. Maxvest is able to offer one of the most competitive and disruptive investment opportunities available in both the cryptocurrency and investment management industries.

Is There Any Safe Investment Sites?

There are many ways to get a better investment return, and in many cases the safety of your money is not sacrificed. Before making any investment on any site, try to read the reviews first. There are many trusted and paying sites on online.


Basic Info

10+ Cryptocurrency Accepted
Minimum Deposit: 0.0002 BTC or Equal Altcoin
Minimum Withdrawal: No minimum withdrawal
Payment method: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash And More

Investment Plan

Overall Review

Maxvest was founded by a large group of developers, programmers, experienced traders and crypto currency specialists who have years of experience in the crypto currency and trading fields, in order to create Maxvest, one of the most profitable and advanced crypto currency investment platform available on the internet.

All funds that are deposited into Maxvest are collected and entrusted with them. A very skilled and experienced group of traders utilise all invested funds into various proven strategies that allow them to achieve a stable profit every day. They work to increase increase clients investments while withholding excess capital to continue the growth and development of the Maxvest platform.

Users may invest by visiting the user dashboard, and following the four simple steps specified in the area. All you need is a crypto currency payment address in order to be paid, and all payments are sent directly to that address during the investment period. You may choose from hourly and fixed time frame plans, and make any customizations to suit your investment needs.

All investments are automatically processed and paid to your crypto currency address, hourly or at the end of the fixed period, depending on the plan duration and type that you select. Fixed period payments are sent after the timer has come to zero, and hourly payments are processed every hour to your address.

Te offer a variety of plans, Maxvest offers the ability to make more than one investment into each plan you desire. You may make as many investments as you wish, as long as they are within the maximum and minimum limits each time. Minimum deposit is 0.0002 BTC only or equal other crypto. All deposits take one confirmation on their respective currency network. Once it is confirmed, the deposit is added to the public investment ledger and the interest period begins.

Maxvest offers state of the art security for users investments. The platform is DDoS protected and SSL secured, and all funds are in locked trading accounts inaccessible by attackers. For more information on security and guarantees, read their terms of service.

You may refer new users and earn 5% affiliate commission on all of their investment contributions, as long as they register under your affiliate link. Once they are registered under your link, they will show in your account and all of their future investments will be paid directly to the crypto currency address in which you set. Affiliate commission is credited after your referrals investment is active, this means their investment must have at least one confirmation on the crypto currencies network in which they have chosen for investment.

Interest has been formulated by the team based on months of market testing by their automated algorithms. The trading algorithms built by Maxvest have been tested thoroughly, the results in which they perform are averaged out over these months and are the rates they offer on their platform. Their interest rates will not change, and in the circumstances that they do, all users will be notified weeks in advance, and all ongoing investments will not be effected or changed.

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