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Summary is an independent company that knows how best to make profits by implementing tested and trusted business strategies. The company has packaged both an ICO (which is aimed at securing fast and easy cryptocurrency transactions) and an investment program to guarantee the high profits for those who will get in touch with them.

Is There Any Safe Investment Sites?

There are many ways to get a better investment return, and in many cases the safety of your money is not sacrificed. Before making any investment on any site, try to read the reviews first. There are many trusted and paying sites on online.


Basic Info

Company License Number: 10937639
Minimum Deposit: $10 only.
Minimum Withdrawl: $10
Payment method: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

Investment Plan

Overall Review

Cryptocurrency trading on Cryptolux is what led to the investment program the company offers. Everybody knows that with more capital/funds available to trade, the potential to make more profits is higher. That is why the company is asking interested participants in cryptocurrency trading who are aware of the large market but need some other people to do the work for them. Currently, there are over 1,300 cryptocurrencies which people are trading for profits. It goes to say that cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular and valuable and hence may be the major business in the digital world a few years from now.

Cryptolux Ltd is a legal company and its certificate is verifiable on the Companies House website. You can check them with the number, 10937639. They are located at 40 North Street, Sudbury, United Kingdom, CO10 1RE.

The HYIP and ICO arms of are completely independent so anyone can decide to do only one or the two activities. However, the HYIP arm appears to have more participation because of the instant gains it gives. Hence, we are going to concentrate more on it in this review.

First and foremost, it is heartwarming to know that the website has been designed to accommodate everyone. The language barrier has been broken following the addition of tens of languages to the website. The language menu is on top of the homepage. From there, one can easily pick a more preferred language.

Cryptolux also on Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. If you are looking for more ways to keep in touch, make contributions and know as much as possible about this company, opening an account on each of these social media sites would be necessary. However, you can still read comments on Twitter and Facebook without opening an account on the platforms.

Every new user has $5 to his credit immediately after registering on the site. The money is added to whatever the investor deposits and is also used in determining the daily interest of the investor. This means more money. By the end of the year or a few months, this $5 bonus would have multiplied several times to increase the investor’s net worth.

Cryptolux has several investment plans for investors who would like to earn daily. The interest rates depend on the plan one chooses as they pay quite differently as Bronze Plan pays 1.16% daily for a period of 129 days, Silver Plan pays 1.25% for 120 days, Gold Plan pays 1.31% for 114 days, Platinum Plan pays 1.35% for 111 days, Sapphire Plan pays 1.39% for 108 days, Emerald Plan pays 1.42% for 105 days, Ruby Plan pays 1.45% for 103 days, Diamond Plan pays 1.49% for 101 days.

Cryptolux accepts deposits made from BTC, Ethereum, DASH, Litecoin, BCH, LSK, XRP, XMR, USDT. Of course, the same payment systems can also be used to withdraw funds from your account.

While it takes several hundreds of dollars to start up a trading business effectively, you can do that with only $10 on If you would like to increase your daily returns, you can invest up to $500,000 at once.

Cryptolux has a unique design and script to guarantee users maximum safety. As a result, your money can remain for long on the website without anyone hacking into your account.

There is a bonus for you when you ask your friend to invest in, and he/she does. The bonus is much. If he/she is your first line referral, you get a whopping 8% bonus every time. If you let your referrals do the work of adding more members to your team while you go to sleep, your bonus still comes in but not as much as 8%. For every investment plan, there are at least eight levels of referral bonuses. Emerald has nine while Ruby and Diamond have ten referral levels each. The least pay you will get in any of them is 0.2%. Hence, pays from 0.2% to 8% bonus to every affiliate. In addition, Diamond investors partake in sharing 1% of the company’s profits every month.

Support system much friendly. You can talk to them through Livechat on their website. Also you can join their telegram group for instant support.

Contact INFO

Address: 40 North Street, Sudbury, United Kingdom, CO10 1RE



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