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We noticed this project. Cool performance, game design, interesting marketing, and indeed everything in the project is interesting to do. Not standard on the background of recent projects. Admin still tried, made 21 chat for different languages and countries. In my opinion, no one bothered so much, but I don’t know if they are all needed.

Is There Any Safe Investment Sites?

There are many ways to get a better investment return, and in many cases the safety of your money is not sacrificed. Before making any investment on any site, try to read the reviews first. There are many trusted and paying sites on online.


Basic Info

Earn Total 150% Profit
Minimum Deposit: $5 for Perfect Money, Payeer / 0.005 BTC / 0.65 LTC / 0.15 ETH
Minimum Deposit: $0.5 for Perfect Money, Payeer / 0.001 BTC / 0.15 LTC / 0.035 ETH
Payment method: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum

Bitbitboom's Overview

The Bitbitboom investment fund is a rather interesting, highly profitable project, with competent marketing, a good referral program and many bonuses and upgrades. As you might have guessed by looking at the Bitbitboom website.

The site " Bitbitboom ", here is honest - cool . It seems to be not as seriously filled with information as other investment projects, but it looks bright. Although, in principle, we do not need documents and other “regalia” here, since Bitbitboom does not need to justify its “legend” or create the impression of a fund working “on the ground.

Multiple Payment System

Investing is made easy in Bitbitboom because you can use any of the following online payment processors: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum. It is easier to find an exchange service to fund or buy your online currency when you have more than one option.

Multiple Accounts Warning

You can have only 1 registered account. Creation of 2 or more accounts by one user is prohibited. In the case of multi-client accounts all user's accounts will be blocked and funds will be canceled.

15% Every Second Day

Bitbitboom's investment offer is very simple: after creating a deposit with a nominal value of $5, you will receive 15% of charges every 48 hours. The total of such charges will be 10, and, consequently, the total payment for 20 days will be 150% of the initial investment.

Minimum Deposit & +10% On Deposit

The main principal are that you will need only $5 for Perfect Money, Payeer / 0.005 BTC / 0.65 LTC / 0.15 ETH to join and you will be able to earn regularly. Interest is added to your account balance after every 2nd day from the time you made the deposit. You can collect your available account balance by visiting the withdrawal section.

Every 24 hours you are available to deposit boosters. You can also buy a cool upgrade for an account in the upgrade store. When this booster is applied, deposit increases. When applying this booster, the balance is received additionally some bitcoin (satoshi).

Withdraw Anytime

Manually payments are made every time. If you do not receive payments, you have not specified or incorrectly specified the payment details. Fill them in your personal account. All created requests for withdrawal of funds will be processed manually. Minimum withdrawal $0.5 for Perfect Money, Payeer / 0.001 BTC / 0.15 LTC / 0.035 ETH.

Extra Benefit

Passive income can offer an individual opportunity to earn money. They give you this chance. However, it is wrong for not telling you about security of their program. The platform has most secure advanced encryption protocols and hosted on a secure dedicated server.

DDOS Protection

Even if anything happens to other investment sites you know of, Bitbitboom can never be tampered with. Their licensed software, strong DDOS protection and dedicated server have all been put in place to ensure the maximum safety your account (and money) needs.

Affiliate Program

Their Partner Program three different levels. The basic referral program provides for receiving 7% of the total of all deposits made by investors personally invited by you, 2% from second-line investors, 1% from third-line investors.

Customer Support

For technical support or any advice at all, simply send an email to support if the FAQ doesn’t address your case. You may also visit their telegram group for instant help. Their online support-team are always ready to solve your problems.

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