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Audax Trading Limited is the most comprehensive and secure trading platform in 2022. Choose from three insured investment plans and earn up to 300% in 4 calendar days. As one of the few, they offer a 100% investment return guarantee due to the company's bankruptcy insurance.




Company Number: 14178999
Minimum Deposit: $30 Only
Minimum Withdrawal: $0.10 for Perfect Money; $5 for Cryptocurrencies
Payment Method: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Binance Coin, Tether, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Tron


Audax Trading Limited is an international company dedicated to investing in cryptocurrencies, nft tokens, gold, and oil. Audax is a legally operating company registered in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. In the "About us" tab, you can check their certificates.

Their management team consists of people with deep experience and extensive knowledge in the areas of banking and financial product development, risk and asset management, as well as cryptocurrencies and gold. Their platform is available to any investor from anywhere in the world.

ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS → They work with Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Binance Coin, Tether, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and Tron. In the nearest future, they will add more payment methods for investors all over the world. It is easier to find an exchange service to fund or buy your online currency when you have more than one option.

$30 MINIMUM DEPOSIT → Deposits are credited instantly if you use Perfect Money and are immediately sent to work. In the case of a deposit using Cryptocurrency, the funds will be credited to the account as soon as they receive a confirmation on the network and are automatically sent to work. The minimum investment amount is $30 only and up to $50000 for a single active deposit.

RELIABLE INVESTMENT PLANS → Investment plans for Audax Trading Limited are reliable and stable. As soon as you introduce money in the investment process of their company by making a deposit, your money starts working, bringing you a steady income every day. They offer two unique investment plans to all: 3% daily for 20 days (principal return); 180% after 7 days (principal included); 300% after 4 days (principal included).

GUARANTEED PROFIT → They guarantee profit to their investors. This is possible due to the fact that their program advisor showed the highest possible results of efficiency for the past few years. The work of the adviser is so efficient that they decided to use this program as a basis for providing their clients with a stable source of high income.

MANUALLY WITHDRAW → Profits are gathered on your account balance. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn from the balance is $0.10 for Perfect Money and $5 for Cryptocurrencies. There is no maximum withdrawal amount. The money will be manually sent to your wallet of the electronic payment system you used to make a deposit. The waiting time for withdrawal does not exceed 24 hours.

INVESTMENT PROTECTION → The security of the deposited funds is a top priority for Audax Trading Limited. As times change, your investments remain in safety and keep bringing you profit day after day, year after year. Even if anything happens to other investment sites you know of, Audax Trading Limited's website can never be tampered with. Their licensed software, strong DDoS protection, and server have all been put in place to ensure the maximum safety of your account (and money) needs.

MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS WARNING → Multiple registrations are prohibited. Each user can have only one account on the site. If the support detects the fact of compliance with this rule, all accounts of the investor who breached it will be automatically blocked without returning funds from the accounts.

AFFILIATE PROGRAM → The best part is that you can become a partner of the company, even without having to open your own deposit in our system. Thus, Audax Trading Limited's platform allows you to earn money with zero investment and absolutely no risk whatsoever. They offer a 5% - 3% - 1% referral commission for every active referral's deposit. Using your personal referral link, you can receive bonuses from deposits not only of those people personally invited by you but also from those invited by them, in their turn.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT → Their support team will respond to you fast at any time. Their email support will reply within 24 hours; Even on weekends and holidays! For technical support or any advice at all, simply send an email to support if the FAQ doesn’t address your case. You can also knock them via Telegram for instant support.


Address: 50 Culvert Road, London, England, SW11 5AR


Telegram Channel: @audax_trading

Telegram Support: @audaxlimited


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